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Re: Hang after enabling swap space

Am Mi, den 26.05.2004 schrieb Miroslav Halas um 17:47:

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> could you please help me with this problems. We have several computers
> running Fedora Core 1. All of them were working perfectly for some
> time (several months). Then last week two of them stopped booting.
> They start booting and then stop after message Enabling swap space.
> All the computers have the same fixed configuration running just plain
> Fedora with one custome application. After analyzing user's behaviour
> we think it may have something to do with use of USB key. Our users
> plug in USB key to transfer some data. The only commong behaviour we
> could identify was that if the users removed the key during shutdown
> or sometimes plugged it in during startup it rendered the computer
> unbootable.

> Miro

Give the machines some time. I am certain there is just fsck running.
You can see that when you switch to the console during bootup by
pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1. The checking of the filesystem is pretty normal
appears automagically after X boot times and/or Y days (the one which
matches first).


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