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I have a Daxten 4-to-1 and it's been working with every OS I'd thrown at it.
It cost a bit more ($2-300 in Sweden) but it's worth it. I think you'd stay away from
most of the problems if you ignore the cheap ones!


George B. Gee wrote:


I've had luck using the IOGEAR KVM switches with Fedora C1 and previous
Redhat products.  I use a 4-port switch at work and a 2-port switch at home.


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I've asked several KVM vendors if they support Fedora. So, far I've only received one response. A bit terse, but very clear.

Hi, The KVM3004 does not support Fedora. Thanks

Zonet USA Tech Support
email: zonet_tech zonetusa com
Zonet USA Corp

Thank you. Dwaine

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