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Re: Laptop/Notebook support

I just installed FC2 on a toshiba satellite 1735 (a few year old 700mhz celeron, 196mb ram, 9gb HDD) and surprisingly enough havent had any problems, yet. even the wireless card (micro$oft, MN-520) worked surprisingly well once I moved pcmcia to start before networking and configured it.

also, surprising to me was the battery status on the desktop. I havent had a chance to test everything else, but my early evaluation on my laptop of FC2 is overall positive.

another Cam.
Cam wrote:


I'm concerned about the level of support for laptops / notebooks in Fedora Core. I get the impression that most desktop systems and hardware largely work but notebooks tend to have problems with power management, suspend, cpu throttling, hardware buttons and integrated hardware (eg. wireless devices).

So if anyone out there has a notebook model that is fully working, let's have a show of hands. How many models are available where everything just works?

I've got one but it's only just started suspending reliably, the power management is not working and features like screen brightness have not worked since leaving APM for ACPI. Although I love the latest software that comes with Fedora I feel it's badly let down by it's hardware support.

Is anyone considering working on a 2.4 / APM based release that would support the notebooks and laptops that are not really usable with Fedora as it stands?


Cameron Showalter
IS Manager
GW School Supply, Inc.

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