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Re: Win VNC client not connecting to FC2 VNC server

From: "John DeCarlo" <jdecarlo mitre org>
> Frank Rehwinkel wrote:
> > Found that if I disable the firewall completely, via
> > 
> >   system-config-securitylevel
> > 
> > the vncviewer from the WinXP box works.  Can someone
> > point me to a description of the firewall features
> > in FC2 (or at least for FC1) so I can see what needs
> > to be done to keep open the vnc tcp ports (5900+)
> > while
> > having the firewall otherwise enabled?
> I had the same problem.  Decided to edit /etc/sysconfig/iptables (after 
> making a backup first).  I just duplicated the line for port 80 and 
> changed the 80 to a 5901.  Now everything works just fine.
> Of course it would be more secure to tunnel the VNC session over ssh, 
> but if you aren't worried about security (all on your local LAN), this 
> should help.

And the easy way to use PuTTY to tunnel VNC over ssh:



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