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Re: SATA Silicon Image Speed Issue

On May 26, 2004 11:14 am, Si Jones <si bananas hopto org> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Me and someone else are getting what seems to be a slow speed out of the
> hard drive, we have the sil3114 controller and we get 55mb a sec.

I assume you mean 55 MegaBytes (MB) not milibits (mb). 

Hmm, 55MB/s is pretty fast for a single IDE drive. The only time you will 
approach 100+ mb/s is talking directly with the drive's cache. Not even 15K 
SCSI drives do much over 60MB/s as the drive physically can't read and write 
100+ MB/s.

with a 2.6.5 custom kernel, I was getting 80MB/s across a software raid 5. 
With FC2 Test 2 and one of Arjan's first 2.6.5 kernels, I was getting 74MB/s 
which is pretty good. I assume the difference may have been due to Arjan's 
Kernal not having stuff premptive enabled.

Ultimately I think you will find that Linux Software RAID will be much faster 
and better supported the SIL3114 hardware RAID. Of course windows doesn't 
support Linux Software RAID so you can't use RAID in windows. However since 
Linux software RAID is partition dependent and not drive dependent, you can 
run software RAID under Linux and no raid in Windows while still using the 
same disks. Also software RAID allows things like using RAID 4, 5 or 6 or 
including PATA drives in the Array as well. Also it allows for different RAID 
levels for /usr and /home partitions, etc.
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