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Re: FC 2: problems with mouse

Sven Schuster wrote:

yesterday I upgraded my computer from Fedora Core 1 to Fedora Core 2.
The upgrade took place without problems, the only issue is that I
seem to have a problem with my mouse: it doesn't work properly,
it jumps on the screen when I move it and the buttons don't work
properly, too. I have a Microsoft IntelliMouse PS/2. On my computer
I use KDE, but it also doesn't work in text mode with gmp. I've
tried the different types of PS/2 mice in mouseconfig, but none
gives me the expected (correct) behaviour.

Are there any additional settings I can make to make it work??
Please help, I currently have to use W2k as there's no way to
really work with FC2 with this mouse issue :-(

Passing psmouse.proto=imps as a kernel param fixed my Logitech mouse wheel issues.

Note it is imps NOT imps2 which I have seen in other notes

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