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Re: Bugzilla reports : the best (or right) way?

On Wed, 2004-05-26 at 23:36 -0300, Pedro Fernandes Macedo wrote:
> Hello guys. 
> I have a philosophical question about filling bugs: what should I do in
> case of bugs like  bug #122603 , which is marked as being from test 3
> but is still marked as NEW? 
> I've seen that , in this special case , another bug report about this
> specific bug was created for Core 2 but it was marked as a duplicate for
> #122603. 
> So should I open a new bug report marking the release version as 2 and
> saying that the old bug is a duplicate?  Or should I just add my comment
> to the existing bug report saying that it happens in version X too?
> (I had to ask this before I go creating new bug reports... better ask
> than simply go doing something without asking :D )

If it looks like the same bug, and is still NEW (or other than
RESOLVED/CLOSED), I'd add to the old bug and save the Red Hat guys from
having to deal with yet another bug and/or marking it as a DUPLICATE.

Just my $0.02


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