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Re: FC2--can't get SMB share from nautilus

Don Campbell wrote:

I've exhausted my resources. I've read tfm till I'm dizzy.

I've played with swat.

I can use smbclient to get information from a WinNT
system with shares via "smbclient -L boxname"

Samba seems to be working. Nautilus gives me:

"The folder contents could not be displayed" Does it
ask for a user name and password? NO. Why not?
I'm sure that with no proper user name and no password
it's perfectly justified in denying me access. Heck, I
want it to deny access without those. So what's the

As they say over and over in the FC2 list: This didn't
happen before I installed FC2. (I was using RH9 before.)

What's the magic potion -- secret incantation --whatever
that will take away the memory of hours spent futzing
around with this problem?


Hi Don;

First off check the firewall, if the firewall is on then Samba is blocked.

You may have to go into Samba config and allow your user account to use Samba.

Make sure the SMB client is running, SMB server only needs to run if you plan to share out from your Linux box to your NT box.

In your SMB config you have to set up the username and pw that is required to access the SMB share on the other computer. I only know the gui tool and I know that you have to go into your user account profile and set up the username and pw that you broadcast out when you try to access SMB shares on other computers. Your SMB client username and pw to an NT share could be userid guest and pw whatever you set., username may be different if you set up specific usernames on the NT computer.

In Nautilus try typing in the IP address of the computer you are sharing to, and the share name you are trying to access.

example \\\share

sometimes if you put the exact share location in that you are after it will cause the username and pw popup and you can log in.

The big one is the firewall, make sure that the firewall is off, or configured to allow SMB to pass in both directions.
- either turn the firewall off (if you are behind a router),
- or open the ports for SMB on the firewall,
- or allow the IP's of the other computers on your internal network to pass through the firewall.

To give you any more assistance you should document the things that you have already tried so we can give you suggestions.

Gerald Thompson
geraldt telus net

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