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Re: Anyone recompiled kernel/modules for x86_64?

On Tue, 2004-05-25 at 15:30 -0600, Mark Lane wrote:
> You should always build the new kernel image before making the modules. 
> Sometimes it will work the other way around but not always
> proper order for 2.6.6

To preserve the original source tree, I like to install sources, cd to
directory above (e.g. cd /usr/src), then:

cp -al linux-<version> linux-<version> linux-<version>cust
cd linux-<version>cust

> make mrproper or clean* 

Optional: "cp configs/<your_arch>.config .config" or copy from old
kernel source directory.

Optional: edit Makefile and customize EXTRAVERSION to your taste

> make oldconfig

Probably want "make gconfig" (or xconfig/menuconfig) here, else why are
you doing it?  ;^)

> make bzImage
> make modules
> make modules_install
> make install*
> * should not be need if you are using freshly unzipped kernel source from 
> kernel.org. RedHat Source packages sometimes need mrproper to be run.
> * note make install is based on a distro specific script you may need to do 
> this by hand sometimes. To do copy bzImage to proper location and make new 
> initrd.

And add to GRUB or LILO config if you didn't do "make install".

Some people like "make rpm" - haven't tried it, but sounds potentially
more bullet-proof, and would keep the rpm database consistent with the
kernel version.


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