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kernel panic after kernel upgrade to 2.4.22-1.2179 on Fedora Core 1.

Hi all,

I recently did a RPM install of kernel-2.4.22-1.2179.nptl
on my Core 1 installation at home and I cannot boot into
my Linux partition using the same. I can use my older kernel
as well as the 2.6.1 kernel (which I had installed from
source a few months ago). 

I'm getting a kernel panic at startup and a trace which
seems to indicate that ext3 module is not built in by
default into the kernel (my boot partition is ext3).
Maybe this is provided as a separate module....

Sorry that I do not have the exact trace with me right
now at work. Posting today to get a quick clarification
whether this is indeed the case (and ext3 support has to
be added into the kernel by recompile)? Or is there any
other RPM that I can use to upgrade my kernel? The one
that I used currently was downloaded from the Fedora
site itself.


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