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unable to install fedora core1


I have a problem when I try to install fedora core1 on my computer. This
computer formerly ran rh-7.2 then rh-9.

Every time: I can do the beginning of the install, but when the installation is
done, at the end of a variable time (1mn to 30mn) I get the message:

an error occured when installing package xxxx, this error is fatal.... It may be
a lack of memory and/or a material default...

What can I do? I have changed the hd, the cdrom ... Do I have to change the

I used partion magic to check the partition table and got this error message:

error 116 .... value of LBA is not equal to value of CHS ...

and I asked pmagic to repair the error. But every time I run disk druid, if I
check the partition after that, I get the same message for another sector....
and so on....

Thank you for attention.

François Patte

Inde :
Ecole française d'Extrême-Orient
Deccan College
Pune 411006
Tél : (00 91) (0) 20 26 69 39 04

France :
Université René Descartes - Paris 5
UFR de mathématiques et informatique

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