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RE: Fedora Core 2

this definatly should not be the case. Try again. But if not BitTorrent can get to fast speeds if enough people were on [i got 1 MB/s the first few days that FC2 was released]

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	From: Cornà Beerse [mailto:cbeerse lycos nl] 
	Sent: Thu 5/27/2004 5:08 AM 
	To: For users of Fedora Core releases 
	Subject: Re: Fedora Core 2

	Gilijamse, Robert wrote:
	> I downloaded the new FC2 DVD ISO (I thought) and received a 73Mb ISO file.
	> According to the list is should be 3,99 Gb.
	> I checked out a couple of mirrors,. same file. Only Torrent looks the offer
	> the correct file.
	> I rather use a mirror, much faster.
	> Does anyone have a clue?
	Most likely either your download software or stuff like proxy servers in between
	cannot hanle large files. I can tell you I'm about half-way, I have roughly 2.1
	GByte, using wget on a RH9 machine...
	Details are on the fedora website near the download section.
	>       Regards,
	>       Rob
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