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Re: Problem compiling kernel 2.6 on FC2

Timothy Murphy escribió:

Raúl Moratalla wrote:

I have created the directory but it has no modules and fails during the
boot process. I'm very frustrated with this version of Fedora, it has
(in my opinion) this and other silly and important bugs. Should this be
solved? What must I do for compile correctly the kernel and modules?

I've compiled linux-2.6.6 under Fedora-2 without any problems, so I doubt if your difficulties are anything to do with FC-2.

I wasn't clear what you were doing.
The message seemed to be about a different /lib/modules/<version>
to the version you were compiling.

Arrrg, sorry I've misspelled (is this the correct word?) the underscore in: make modules_install
Thanks everybody for your help :)

Do you have an /etc/modprobe.conf (used by 2.6 kernels)?
Did you compile a 2.6 kernel on your machine before you installed FC-2?
Maybe you need to install module-init-tools?
(You can get this from www.kernel.org .)

To compile the kernel I would get linux-2.6.6.tar.bz2
from http://www.kernel.org
un-tar it in /usr/src/linux-2.6.6
go to this directory and say
make oldconfig; make xconfig [or make menuconfig]
Make sure the settings are correct for your machine, and say
make bzImage; make modules
and then (as root)
make modules_install
make install

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