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Re: Ex Red Hatter turned to the dark side?

Here's an interesting quote from the article:

"Quite how this conversion on the way to Damascus took place has never
been explained, but now Sharp is saying that governments that standardise
on open source software are hurting their local commercial software vendor
communities because these companies are being robbed of opportunities to
make money that they need to invest in developing more software products."

I think the software companies have had enough time to rob their
customers. Microsoft has been stomping out competition for years now and
most of it is due to how they keep their code closed, and their deep
pockets, thanks to their monopoly on the market. Novell suffered from this
because of how Microsoft licensed things...

..."He said that with open source, a company is in effect giving away its
intellectual property, adding that this prevents a software company from
getting back any benefits."

The community openly understands these concepts before contributing and
using the products...

It is evident that the former employee has now started up with his new
employees rhetoric. I'd be interested to know what his opinions are once
he leaves Microsoft! Perhaps he'll switch stories again.

> "A FORMER Red Hat employee now in the service of the Titan of Redmond
> has been openly slagging off open source to anyone that will listen.
> Chris Sharp, director for platform strategy for Microsoft in the
> Asia-Pacific and Greater China region, told Computerworld Philippines
> that governments that support open source software are not helping to
> build a "viable software ecosystem" in their communities."
> http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=16157
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> Mike Chambers
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> "It's always better to hurt a little now, than to hurt a lot later!"
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