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Re: Mount NTFS partition

Fedora List wrote:

I'm trying to mount an NTFS partition.
FC1 on hda and Winnie XP Pro (NTFS) on hdb.
I've RPM'ed the correct kernel-ntfs rpm.
cat /proc/filesystems reflects ntfs available.
I've created /mnt/hdb1
When trying to mount hdb1 error message:

...not a valid block device

I've run almost all conceivable combinations and permutations of mount
-auto etc

Is there anything I haven't done?

The error is that hdb1 is not a block device, not that the filesystem is bad. What do you see when you fdisk /dev/hdb? What happens if you say "dd if=/dev/hdb1 of=/dev/null count=1"? Once you've verified that the partition exists and you can read blocks from it, then you can start tracking down trouble in the kernel's ntfs code.

Paul Allen

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