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Re: Howto: Direct rendering with your ATI Radeon and FC2

Rob van Nieuwkerk wrote:

Hi Gabriel, Rick and others,

Can you tell me how well the ATI drivers work ?
How are the performance & stability ?

They perform nearly as well as their Windows counterparts, but the 3D framerate is a bit less on my 9700 Pro at home under Linux (FC2) vs. Windows XP. 2D performance is acceptable (quick), but I have no solid means of benchmarking DRI vs. non-DRI. I do know that if I update my kernel, and forget to recompile the ATI kernel module, performance drops dramatically in 2D mode, and 3D mode is unusable.

I haven't been motivated to change to the ATI driver on my FC2 work machine since it's using an ATI Radeon 8500, which is supported by the x.org radeon driver. Frame rate is quite good using basic benchmarks, however some textures look "funky" in apps like Tuxracer, etc. I think going with the ATI driver would yield more accurate rendering in that case. I'm curious how it would affect framerate though. If/when I do the swap, I'll note the results.


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