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Re: CPU running half speed on ThinkPad with FC2

On Thu, 27 May 2004, limaunion wrote:

Christopher K. Johnson wrote:
Steven Garrity wrote:

Pardon my re-post on this, but I'm convinced my ThinkPad T30 is still running half-speed, even when plugged-in.

Any other T30 users out there?

And if as root you do:
killall -USR1 cpuspeed
Does that kick it to max speed? It should. Read the output from 'cpuspeed -h' and if you want being on ac power to force max speed instead of dynamic regulation then perhaps you should configure an acpi event handler to do that.

I'm having the same problem, at 99% cpu load my notebook is running half-speed instead of increase the speed. I'll try to tweak cpuspeed, otherwise I'll switch to cpudyn which works very nice.

With FC2 cpuspeed works for me on a T40 (Pentium-M) - but cpudyn doesn't. I'm interested in knowing your experience with cpudyn.

Currently I use cpudyn in FC1 and I like its policy better than
cpuspeed policy.


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