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Re: Redhat

Bruce F wrote:

I want to install Redhat but I have a couple of concerns. I have a old minitor and run at 60hz. I use the voodoo3. In other live cds I wither can't run them or get into 1024*768. I relize that red hat isn't a live cd. Will I be able to use 1024*768 with out any problem. If I will have to do something special during or after the insall please tell me. Thanks

Firstly, you're asking this on the Fedora list, so I'm assuming you mean you will install Fedora Core 1 or 2. Fedora (although having ties with Redhat) is not really called redhat any more.

In answer to your question - truth is, I don't know. I think you will have no problems with FC1, as this uses the same XFree86 all the other Live CDs do, so I'm assuming you'll be OK.

However, apparently FC2 uses another X system XOrg (X.org) or something, so you may need to check http://freedesktop.org/XOrg or something to check whether it supports the Voodoo 3.


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