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Problem with SCSI drive order

Hi list

I have a problem.  (who doesnt, right?)

I have a cluster setup, high availability, using clumanager.  I also
have external RAID configured on these two machines.

Originally, when I upgraded to FC2, the RAID came up as /dev/sda, and
the internal hdd came up as /dev/sdb.  With that not being desirable, I
made a change to the initrd, using this command:

mkinitrd -f -v --preload=aic79xx /boot/initrd-2.6.5-1.358custom.img

The preloaded scsi driver, is the one controlling the internal drive.

This change, made the internal drive become /dev/sda again, and the RAID
/dev/sdb, like I want it.

Now, Ive just installed a 146gb SCSI disk into one of the servers, and
after a reboot (I could see no way to make FC2 pick up the SCSI drive
without rebooting) its picked up the 146gb new SCSI disk as /dev/sda,
moved the original internal SCSI disk to /dev/sdb, and moved the RAID to

Preferably, I would like this:

/dev/sda 	= Internal SCSI disk
/dev/sdb	= external RAID
/dev/sdc	= the new SCSI disk ive just added

I need /dev/sdb to be the RAID, as Im using RAWDEVICES to allocate some
common drive space, for the cluster software to run.  These RAWDEVICES
are /dev/sdb1 and /dev/sdb2 (on RAID)..

Please, can anyone offer me some assistance, or a way to force the new
SCSI disk ive just added, to become /dev/sdc?



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