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Re: FC2 and DPMS

Dave Ulrick wrote:

> Hi,
> Has anyone figured out any way with FC2 and/or xorg to configure DPMS to
> shut off your monitor only when the system is idle, but not while I'm in
> the middle of doing something?  I ran into this problem with the monitor
> shutting off while I was actively using my FC2 system:
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=123879

I'm glad finally to find someone else who has the same problem as me! The
previous respondent to this question clearly hadn't read what you asked.

If you try logging in to Gnome, this doesn't happen, so it's a KDE problem
(but probably one specific to Fedora). I have submitted a KDE bug report,
This is the reason most people on the list haven't encountered the bug -
they use Gnome!

I always use KDE and this problem is a real nuisance! I usually have DPMS
set to Standby after 60 minutes. What currently happens is, exactly 30
minutes after logging in, DPMS activates. It does so again after another 10
minutes, and then it doesn't happen again after that. There does seem to be
some relationship between the DPMS setting, and the time before the
unwanted blanking, but I'm no sure what it is.

Changing values in the KDE Control Centre does change the values that are
returned when you type xset q. So there must be some component of KDE that
also reads the values and is activating the unwanted DPMS.

I'm hoping this bug will go away with the next KDE release!


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