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Re: KDE menus aren't changeable...

Antti Aspinen wrote:

> Okey here is the problem. I made a clean install on Fedora Core 2 and
> then I noticed that KDE is better than Gnome, okey. I stared using it. I
> started installing my favourite software like Loki Update and Quake 3
> Arena. It was wonderful to see that start icons appeared to KDE menu.
> Normaly Gnome won't even show me those. But those are like odd places.
> Like quake start icons are in "other" menu("Muu" in Finnish) and loki
> install too is directly in root of kde menu. But that's not the craziest
> thing yet. Examble Transgamings wineX has created a 5 menus that I don't
> need. okey. when I take a KDE manu editor open and try to edit menus.
> Okey it shows that it makes some changes. Then I save it. But when I
> look to menus nothing has happened. Those menus and icons are still
> there! Okey then I tried to logout and back in. Still nothing has
> happened. I tried to edit those with root, but no changes still!
> If some one knows how to edit Fedora 2 (KDE 2.3) menus then please can
> you explain how do you do it?

Did you retain some settings from an older version of KDE? The menu settings
are stored in ~/.local or ~/.config, according to the freedesktop standard.
If you delete these directories (from outside KDE) kmenuedit should work


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