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Re: KDE apps and running as root

Sie schrieben am Freitag, den 28. Mai 2004:

> I have an interesting problem.  Couldn't find it in Bugzilla 
> characterized in this way.
> When I run Kmail it always crashes after a couple of seconds being 
> opened with a Signal 11.  In Kmail, Konqueror and Kopete, the icons in 
> the toolbar don't show.
> HOWEVER, if I run all three apps from terminal in *root*, everything 
> works perfectly.  Kmail opens up and won't crash.  All the icons in the 
> toolsbar show.  So, on install, something probably happened with the 
> permissions, I'm thinking.  However, I've done straight installs, so I'm 
> wondering if FC2 is settings something incorrectly with KDE apps.

Check the files in $HOME/.kde, maybe one of them belongs to root now.


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