fc2 will not install to sata

Linux linux at herbasource.com
Fri May 28 12:58:25 UTC 2004

Subject: Re: fc2 will not install to sata

> > One thing I noticed is that when suse installed it configured my sata as
sda1 (scsi I thinks) but fc2 configures it ad hde, is this a indication of
the problem?
> >
> Make sure you've connected the SATA drive to the Promise controller, not
> the VIA controller of the K8V. It worked without any problems here.
>    Karsten

I tried connecting the sata hd to the raid serial ata connector instead of
the serial ata connector, is that what you mean? if so it does same thing.

Or do you mean disabling it it bios?

Sorry for the ignorance


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