Dvd xine and copy rights.

john brennan-sardou johnbs at tele2.fr
Fri May 28 13:51:32 UTC 2004

Hello everybody,
                         Being a "decent" guy I have just paid thirty 
dollars in order to watch a Dvd on my computer. It is the only dvd in 
the house. Well, the problem is that in xine which normally works well, 
the film stops after two minutes because it is copy protected. This is 
not normal, and not very legal. I have paid the money for the film and I 
can't see it!!!!!. Anyway of getting around this problem. No cheating 
here the film is called "Lagaan" and the buying proof is  773375. I 
would just like to see my film. Yours John Brennan-Sardou

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