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Re: fc2 will not install to sata

> >
> Hi sorry but I am totally lost, please hold my hand on this one :-)
> Ok I have the following connected
> PRIM IDE1 - none
> SEC IDE1 - none
> SEC IDE2 - none
> Then just left of the floppy connector I have 2 serial ata connectors, SEC
> on top and PRIM just below it called SATA1 SATA2
> Then below that I have 2 RAID serial ata connectors, called PRI_SATA and
> SEC_SATA, next to eack other, sec to left
> I have connected my sata hd to both SATA1 and PRI_SATA with same result, I
> have played with the bios settings, but am not sure what you mean by disable
> Promise RAID and set to IDE, I think I know how to disable the onboard
> Promise controller but how do I set it (what is "it") to IDE

I have connected my two SATA drives to PRI_SATA and SEC_SATA and 
have the following settings in my bios:
Advanced menu/OnChip SATA BOOTROM   disabled
Advanced menu/OnBoard Promise Controller enabled
Advanced menu/OnBoard Promise Controller/Operating mode  Onboard IDE operate mode


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