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Re: FC3 (was Re: Arjan v kernels

On Fri, 2004-05-28 at 17:32, Hannes Mayer wrote:
> Dave Jones wrote:
> > Additionally, when FC3 test1 comes out, it should have a
> > well-rounded tested kernel as a base.
> Hi Dave!
> Speaking of FC3 ... can you tell us any preliminary details for FC3 ?
> What are you planning to change/add etc... ?

As far as the kernel is concerned, there's not going to be
anything earth-shattering in there. Mostly just further
stabilisation work on what we currently have, and maybe
1-2 extras. The 'keep things close to mainline' idea is still
going to ring true, and hopefully we can stick to somewhere
around our current 40 odd patches, if not lower.
Continually rebasing against mainline of course means anything new that
appears there (drivers/protocols etc) will automatically get picked up.
Otherwise pretty much more of the same.

WRT to the distro as a whole, I guess that's pretty much open for
discussion at this time.  There's a bunch of integration work that's
very likely to be included, udev etc, hopefully selinux will be in
even better shape next time round too. Other than that, I'd expect the
usual next-generation of various packages.


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