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Re: Can't play DVD's

I know you can tell mplayer do play from /dev/dvd OR from a mounted dvd, so a few more details like what program you are trying to run would be helpful. When I get home after class and work tonight I'll tell you exactly how I do it on my gentoo box at home (currently none of the redhat or fedora boxes at work have dvd drives, but the next group to get assimulated will have dvd burners)

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Adam Antoniak wrote:
I encountered a strange problem. Didn't have any problems with dvd drive
using fedora 1. If I recall correctly the only thing I had to do was
running 'ln -s /dev/cdrom dev/dvd' as root. With fedora 2 I don't see
/dev/dvd at all. At the same time hardware browser returns seems to be
aware of the fact that one of my optical drives is a dvd. Whenever I
insert dvd disk into drive it gets automatically mounted as a regular CD.
I don't thing it used to work this way in FC1. Regular discs were mounted
but dvd's were not.
Could somebody give me some hints. Maybe it's a simple question as I'm a
newbie, but I feel I got stucked.


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