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Re: Can't play DVD's

Adam Antoniak wrote:

I encountered a strange problem. Didn't have any problems with dvd drive
using fedora 1. If I recall correctly the only thing I had to do was
running 'ln -s /dev/cdrom dev/dvd' as root. With fedora 2 I don't see
/dev/dvd at all. At the same time hardware browser returns seems to be
aware of the fact that one of my optical drives is a dvd. Whenever I
insert dvd disk into drive it gets automatically mounted as a regular CD.
I don't thing it used to work this way in FC1. Regular discs were mounted
but dvd's were not.
Could somebody give me some hints. Maybe it's a simple question as I'm a
newbie, but I feel I got stucked.


First of all you must be sure what is the device name of your dvd drive, it is very important - In my case, same machine multi boot with FC1 and FC2, FC1 recognized my dvd drive as /dev/hdc, but FC2 recognized it defferently (I am at work and not sure what exactly it is because my system is at home), don't ask me why this had happended. To find out what exactly the device name your dvd rom is being recognized, do this;

1. Find out the device name of dvd rom;
In Main menu -> System tools->Hardware Browser-CD rom device, then hightlite the dvd rom, look at downbelow Device information, Device: /dev/xxxxxx, this is exactly the device name being recognized!( For example /dev/scd0)

2. Make a link to dvd;
   ln  -s  /dev/scd0   /dev/dvd

Hope this will help.

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