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Re: only critical packages in minimal installation

Max Beerli wrote:

I installed Fedora Core 2 and picked the Custom installation to pick the least amount of packages. Upon issuing the "rpm -qa | less" command I see a bunch of packages which I'm not sure I need or not like "finger, ftp, procmail, rdate, rdist, rsh, talk, telnet" just to name a few. Has anyone here figured out which are the critical packages and which can be removed without causing any issues, ie. some fedora scripts might need them for some reason?

You can have a look on the first cd at the comps.xml file to see what is categorized as 'minimal'.
The path is /mnt/cdrom/Fedora/base/comps.xml.

In that file you can check out the 'core', and 'base' groups - which seem to be 'essential' for any Fedora installation. IMHO - if you can do an rpm -e on the package after installation, and you don't get any dependency warnings - the package is not 'essential' and therefore should not be in 'core' or 'base'.

Anyhoo - good luck with it!


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