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Re: FC2 & Via CPU

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your Answer but I still have a little problem.

These are the steps
1) Download


2) burn it on to a CD as a file on its own call it KERNEL RPM CD

3) Download http://people.redhat.com/arjanv/c3boot.iso

4) burn this on to a CD as a CD image, call it C3 BOOT CD

5) boot off C3 BOOT CD

6) at the first menu swap in the normal FC2 CD1 and install FC2

7) on install completion, boot again off C3 BOOT CD... but...

8) type linux rescue at the grub prompt

9) when it is finished booting, type chroot /mnt/sysimage

10) swap in the KERNEL RPM CD

11) mkdir mymount

12) mount /dev/hdc mymount -t iso9660

13) cd mymount

14) rpm -Uvf kernel-2.6.6-1.383.i586.rpm

15) type exit (I think) to reboot

Well everything is working and done until I get to step 12.
Step 12 is not functioning, The system says something like mymount is already in use or hdc is already mounted. Both is wrong hdc is not mounted (I can't unmount it), and mymount is not in use cause I can delete it.
/dev/cdrom doesn’t exists.
How can I find and mount my CDROM?
Any suggestion?

Thank You

Dalibor Malek

Ed wrote:

Here's the bugzilla thread:

The workaround is at the bottom of the page.  You'll need to download
the .iso, burn it to CD, boot from it, switch to the FC2 installer CDs,
install the supplied kernel, and then you're set.

I got FC2 running on my Via C3 CPU system.

Best of luck! A few extra steps, but I'm glad there's a solution.


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