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Re: KDE menus aren't changeable

Antti Aspinen escribió:

No. I wrote in that message that I made clean install. I formated old
Fedora and installed new. I also removed everything in my home folder so
there are no settings from old KDE. And your advice to delete ~/.local
folder did not help me anywhere. KDE menu editor still can't do
anything. And I don't have folder called ~/.config

KDE menus are really fucked up in Fedora(and also in Redhat usually)
If I remove KDE rpms from system and then build kde from sources I think
that I'll have some hope with this... :|


I had the same problem and I discovered that I couldn't change the menus of KDE if I had modified the icons (and I don't know if the theme too) in GNOME.
I don't know if this bug has been reported, but it should be reported. I resolve it always deleting the folder ~/.config and I think that you should have created it.
If find how to solve it please tell it to the list ;)



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