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Re: FC3 (was Re: Arjan v kernels

On Fri, 2004-05-28 at 20:18, Hannes Mayer wrote:

> > As far as the kernel is concerned, there's not going to be
> > anything earth-shattering in there. Mostly just further
> > stabilisation work on what we currently have, and maybe
> > 1-2 extras. The 'keep things close to mainline' idea is still
> > going to ring true, and hopefully we can stick to somewhere
> > around our current 40 odd patches, if not lower.
> > Continually rebasing against mainline of course means anything new that
> > appears there (drivers/protocols etc) will automatically get picked up.
> > Otherwise pretty much more of the same.

One thing I did neglect to mention here, as RHEL4 is going to be
based off of the FC3 kernel, any features deemed worthy of
inclusion in RHEL4 will very likely appear in FC3 too.
(Both to maximise testing, and usage of resources [Biggest
resource in point here being myself and Arjan's time]).

For the most part though, I wouldn't expect anything really
invasive on the scale that NPTL was to Red Hat Linux 9 for example.

The invasive stuff in FC is currently limited to 4g/4g and
execshield. Hopefully it'll stay that way.


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