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Re: Driver Disk for Advansys Controller

On Saturday 29 May 2004 10:45, Matt Ford wrote:
>Hi all,
>I've just installed Fedora at work and very nice it is to!  Much
> impressed. However I would like to install it at home and have the
> following problems....
>1) The advansys scsi controller device driver I need is not present
> on the boot cd.
>2) I can't find any information about how I can go about building a
> driver disk for Fedora.
>3) I did find a bugzilla report showing a number of people had the
> same problem installing advansys driver.
>Can people point in the direction of a driver disk I can modify? 
> Does someone have a prebuilt advansys driver I can use....Are there
> any political reasons why this driver is unavailable or is it just
> old and unpopular?  Do docs exist for bulding driver disks?
>Many thanks for any help,

The driver is said to have races in it, although as a user of an 
ABP-930U for several years, I've seen no evidence of it.  It is part 
of the kernel src's however, so if you've installed them, goto the 
src dir, run 'make xconfig', goto the scsi section, then select low 
level drivers and check it.  If you need it at boot time as I do, put 
a check mark for builtin, not a dot for makeing a module, save that 
config and rebuild/reinstall the kernel.

Hummm, you'll have to select the correct profile from the configs dir, 
and copy that one to .config in the kernel srcs root tree before 
doing the above.

It will compile with a couple of warnings, but they are apparently 


Cheers, Gene
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