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Winmodem symlink

I did not get a response to this issue from the list but did get a solution from the folks at linuxant and thought I should post it just in case someone with the same issue searches the archives.


to fix problems 1 and 3, please add the following line in your
'/etc/rc.local' file :

hsfconfig --serial

This command will be executed at each boot and will make sure that
'/dev/modem' points to '/dev/ttySHSF0'. It will also make sure that the
'/dev/ttySHSF0' character device file is correctly configured.

For the second problem, it is quite possible that the tool read a database
of drivers that came with the distribution and is not aware of other
drivers such as our HSF driver. For the tool, every modem with 8086:2486
Sub 104d:8142 requires the 'serial_cs' driver, no matter what is currently
installed to handle the modem right now.


Technical specialist / Linuxant
support linuxant com

B.J. McClure
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