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Upgrading FC1 KDE from apt.kde-redhat.org


anyone succeeded in upgrading KDE from apt.kde-redhat.org? I can see
they have 3.2.2 there, but even though I already pointed apt-get there,
it doesn't seem to be in the mood for upgrading:

# apt-cache policy kdelibs
  Installed: 6:3.1.4-5
  Candidate: 6:3.1.4-5
  Version Table:
 *** 6:3.1.4-5 0
        500 http://download.fedora.us fedora/fedora/1/i386/updates
pkglist        500 http://ayo.freshrpms.net fedora/linux/1/i386/updates
pkglist        100 RPM Database
     6:3.1.4-4 0
        500 http://ayo.freshrpms.net fedora/linux/1/i386/core pkglist

I have this file at /etc/apt/sources.list.d:

## kde-redhat repository(s) for Red Hat RHREL (yes, *4* lines)
#rpm ftp://apt.kde-redhat.org/apt fedora/RHREL  stable
rpm ftp://apt.kde-redhat.org/apt fedora/all    stable
#rpm ftp://apt.kde-redhat.org/apt kde-redhat/RHREL  stable
rpm ftp://apt.kde-redhat.org/apt kde-redhat/all    stable

(I commented out RHEL lines because they're not working)

Indeed, there's no kdelibs RPM there, only SRPM...

Any pointers will be appreciated.



Andre Oliveira da Costa

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