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Re: using libmilter, milter-spamc and spamassasin

Scot L. Harris wrote:
On Sat, 2004-05-29 at 11:49, John Walsh wrote:


My intension is to get spamassasin to process ALL the emails that pass through my sendmail,
even those forwarded on to external email addresses through /etc/mail/virtusertable...

I setup a sendmail server for a business using spamassassin via
procmail. I noted you did not want to use procmail for this. But you
may want to reconsider it. They way I set it up sendmail calls procmail
for all messages. In procmail you call spamc to process the messages. At this point you can grab all spam and put it in a separate file or
pass it on to end users to let them process it. In my case I dump the

John, we use the same setup with good success on one RHEL server.

spam to a dummy spamuser. This is reviewed periodically for any false
positives (no real false positives so far). It also becomes a pool of
messages to train the baysian databse with.

Scot, so the bayesian filter doesn't learn automatically ? I mean, one needs to train it once again with the filtered spam ? Any details you can share about this are greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

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