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Re: Time and Date

Don Dupy wrote:
does anyone know a simple way to change the time and date
on a FC1 machine in command line mode
I don't have a gui installed

I don't quite understand the "date" command options

Yeah, reading the date man page is more difficult than using the command. To set the time on your machine, _as_root_, enter something like:

date 05291542

That breaks down to May 29 at 3:42 pm. If you need to set the year, the man page seems to say append it to the end:

date 052915422004

That's different than I remember from other unices, but so it goes. To check the results of the command, just enter


Most of the other stuff in the man page deals with controlling the format of how date outputs the current time and date. This is very useful if you are writing scripts and need to include time and/or date in the output. For example, you could put a time stamp on a list of items with something like

date +"%Y%m%d%H%M%S"

to get "20040529154225". That would insure that the items would sort chronologically with the Linux sort command. But I've already told you more than you wanted to know...

Hope this helps.

Andrew Robinson

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