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Re: alsa sound and xmms

On Sat, 29 May 2004 12:11:20 -0700, Richard E Miles wrote:

> Ive been having abit of difficulty getting sound to work in FC2. I did 
> not have these problems in FC1.
> While invoking xmms to play a wav file. the following pop-up window was 
> observed:
> couldn't open audio
> Please check that
> your soundcard is configured properly
> you have the correct output plugin selected
> no sound program is blocking the soundcard
> I also noticed the following when starting the system with startx:
> a series of messages saying audio_alsa: no cards found.
> I ran system-config soundcard and it detected my ens1371 sound card and 
> was able to play the test sound.
> I tried to play the wav file again with the same popup window message 
> occuring. I did a ctrl-alt-F1 to see what messages occured. The same 
> "audio_alsa: no cards found" message (2 times) was seen.
> I also do not have gnome sound events even after installing the libgnome 
> update.

Is this an upgrade or a fresh install?

What do you find in /etc/modprobe.conf (and /etc/modules.conf)?

What output driver is configured in XMMS preferences? If you choose
"OSS Driver" just for testing, does that work?

What kernel modules are loaded when you try XMMS? Run /sbin/lsmod

Do you find anything audio/ALSA/ens1371 related in /var/log/messages?

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