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Re: FC-2 laptop question


My lid conf file looks like:
action=echo -n 3 > /proc/acpi/sleep

How did you know that that was the correct action to take for the lid? I don't see that sort of thing on the apcid man page. I can see what the events are from the logs, and the man page tells me what syntax to use to tell it what to do for a given event, but it doesn't tell me what I can choose from for any given event.

I have a little experience but not with acpi, so I did some google searching and background reading. There are some things you can do with the /proc/acpi interface to change states, suspend and so on. Some people would say that /sys/power/state is more appropriate.

It's not so much what is the correct thing for the lid, as what you want the machine to do. If you wanted it to just turn the display off and nothing else then you could arrange for that to happen by putting in the correct command.

In general you can put shell commands in there so use anything that you can do as root from a shell that is the right behaviour.


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