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Re: Win2K and FC 2 dual boot

On Sat, May 29, 2004 at 09:54:20PM +0100, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Marek Pawinski wrote:
> > Is it only Win XP that has the dual boot problem or Win 2K. The articles
> > i have read seem to differ.
> I have W2k + FC2 on three very different machines,
> and they all seem to work fine.
> -- 
Someone needs to get to the bottom of this. FC2 screws up the disk
geometry and it is hard to believe that Windows will still run on the
same disk.
Below is fix which is easy and works.

No lets be clear , Do you have windows and FC2 running on the same disk?
Also on the disk with FC2 what does fdisk -l /dev/hd?? return?
I would bet it returns that your disk has 16 heads not 255.

I am not trying to be difficult but as the url above explains there is a
bug and and you are the second person who says they are running a Windows
, FC2 double boot. I have seen the bug on our machines and it is hard to
see how once FC2 is installed that Windows could run if the fix is not
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