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Re: Firewall - Very limited Access - suggestions

Look into Firestarter:

gui setup, a knowledgeable group who contribute to a very helpful
email list. Your needs sound like they're for a very high level
of security. You probably should also look into ways of hardening
the machine that is the firewall.

Kevin F. Berrien wrote:

I'm intersted in building a bastion firewall for the following sistuation. Have a closed network (police dept). There are no crosses to the internet. However, we'd like VERY LIMITED access by the Windows DC server for the following: Windows update (via SUS), Symantec AV updates, VNC/or remote desktop connection to 1 or 2 workstations on our WAN.

Thus, I want to limit all traffic except various protocols/ports between specific IP's/URL's.

Certianly FC and iptables can do this, does anyone recommend a configuration utility, start off scripts, etc? Should I be looking more into LRP (now defunct), etc? My iptables knowledge is not great (did it years ago), so some configuration utility would be great, and my co-workers isn't experienced in this area at all.

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