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Re: using libmilter, milter-spamc and spamassasin

Am Sa, den 29.05.2004 schrieb John Walsh um 17:49:

> My intension is to get spamassasin to process ALL the emails that pass 
> through my sendmail,
> even those forwarded on to external email addresses through 
> /etc/mail/virtusertable...

Any milter application will interact with each mail transported by SMTP
through Sendmail. So using libmilter is correct.

> I don't currently use procmail, and don't think I want to. All my email goes 
> into /var/spool/mail/*

So which LDA do you use instead?

> After much web searching, I found out that the normal use of spamassasin is 
> through procmail,
> but I don't want to use this method because it would miss out all my 
> virtusertable forwarding.

No, there is no "normal" way for using SpamAssassin. There are some
different ways, all used.

> After a bit more web searching, I found:
> http://www.snert.com/Software/milter-spamc/
> which looks like it is exactly what I want - although it does not state if 
> its processing happens
> before or after virtusertable is applied ?

As I said, as it is a milter application it will handle each mail going
through Sendmail by STMP. So how does it matter whether milter treats
the mail before the address is looked up in virtusertable or after?

> So my question(s) are:
> 1) is sendmail with FC1.0 compiled with the Milter API enabled ?


> 3) has anyone else used libmilter in FC1.0 - and any issues ?

No problems. Running 2 milter in parallel.

> 4) does the Milter API process emails before or after 
> /etc/mail/virtusertable ?

Why does it matter? Not very sure, but should be before. Because the
milter can interact at EHLO/HELO times and interfere during the DATA

> 5) has anyone also used milter-spamc - and any issues ?

Should be very reliable. I am using milter-sender which is by the same

Maybe have a look at MimeDefang (www.mimedefang.org) which is more
powerful. It's too a milter application and with little Perl knowledge
you can customize many things easily. I love it, because it does not
only integrate SpamAssassin but a dozen anti-virus scanners too and you
can quickly adjust the way it works, like exclude specific domains from

> 6) if there is a bigger advantage to using procmail (inplace of aliases and 
> virtusertable), then
> please let me know so I can switch to this method.

No, there is none.

> Thanks,
> John.


Alexander Dalloz | Enger, Germany | GPG key 1024D/ED695653 1999-07-13
Fedora GNU/Linux Core 2 (Tettnang) on Athlon CPU kernel 2.6.5-1.358 
Serendipity 02:10:29 up 3:58, 9 users, 2.69, 2.38, 2.23 

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