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Re: fc2 will not install to sata

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From: "K. Spearel" <kas11 tampabay rr com>
To: "For users of Fedora Core releases" <fedora-list redhat com>
Sent: Saturday, May 29, 2004 10:58 PM
Subject: Re: fc2 will not install to sata

> Hmmmm...the plain K8V doesn't show up at all on the USA site...but I
> found it on the GB site and the specs do differ slightly...the Lan
> controller is listed as a Marvel 88E1000 whereas the K8V has a 3c940
> which may or not be equivalent...the 3c940 is based on the Marvel Yukon
> IP but may use different vendor and device ids...and the raid controller
> is an 20376 rather than the 20378 on the deluxe...both show up in hwdata
> but you would have to consult the source code (or Alan Cox) to see if
> this is a potential problem ...AFAIK you really ought to be using the
> SATA controller on the VIA south bridge...unless they saved 10 cents by
> deleting the connectors from the BoM.
> Anyhow, I see that your bios versioning is different from that of my K8V
> Deluxe...heaven only knows what else is different.
Hi Kas

I definitely think that there is a problem with the fc2 stuff that handles
the sata bits on my mb as my K8V and sata hd worked fine with fc1 and suse 9
except fc1 had problems with the Marvell 88E100 lan.
As far as I knew I was using the sata controller on the south bridge as I
can disable the onboard promise controller without it effecting the install
on fc1 and suse 9 and I kept my bios and set-up the same when I attempted
the fc2 install.
That tells me that fc2 is different in some way to fc1 and can no longer
handle the sata stuff on my board, why is beyond me and unfortunately you
are talking over my head when you start talking about consulting the source
code and BoM :-(
It still makes no sense to me why fc1 will install fine but fc2 crashes on
the same hardware set-up, my logic says that if my mb and the sata
controller was supported in fc1 then it surely must be in fc1, or am I
missing something.


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