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Wireless Dlink USB on Fedora Core 2

First, thanks for the help w/ my dual boot problem ... working great now!

I'm trying to figure out how to get a dlink DWL-122 USB installed.  I'm a
bit overwhelmed with all the information available.  I could use a quick
list of everything that needs to be done and gotchas.  From what I've been
reading it looks like I need to install wlan-ng which involves rolling my
own kernel or something which is a bit confusing because most of the info
looks like it is for the 2.4 kernel and I'm running the 2.6 in a default FC2
install ... how do I know which wlan-ng package to use w/ what kernel source
and where the heck do I put all the stuff I'll be creating - there appears
to be some confusion - maybe only in my head :) - in the various things I'm
reading about where the FC2 kernel is located.

It looks like if I get the kernel/wlan thing figured out, I need to install
a driver from prism for the USB wireless device ... even this doesn't appear
to be all that straight forward.

FYI ... I've never messed w/ the kernel and have mostly used RPM packages on
the old Red Hat distros for just about everything, so while I have managed
to get Apache, MySQL, PHP, Postfix, Samba, etc working on Red Hat 7+ over
the years, I'm still pretty much of a newbie when it comes to doing "nuts
and bolts" kinds of things in linux, so explain it to me like I've never
seen a computer before.  There is tons of info on the web about just about
everything Linux related, but for this particular problem I haven't been
able to piece the various fragments of info together in a way that makes me
understand how to do make this happen.

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