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RE: using libmilter, milter-spamc and spamassasin

Have a look at Mimedefang


This is what I use & install for organisation wide spam & virus filtering.

Another one I have come across is
http://www.sng.ecs.soton.ac.uk/mailscanner/ but I have never used it.

And yes use the Milter API this is what its designed for.

> 1) is sendmail with FC1.0 compiled with the Milter API enabled ?
I'm not sure but I expect that it is.

> 2) if not, is there anything I need to consider in downloading the source
> and installing from
> that - other than following the normal instructions ?

If you mean the Sendmail source I wouldn't. I'd download the fedora sendmail
src rpm and rebuild it with what ever extra options you require.


Regards John

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