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Re: [OT] Help: how to restore LILO/partition table

On Sun, May 30, 2004 03:05:53 AM -0700, Mick Mearns
(off_by_1 yahoo com) wrote:

> > The problem is that now, no matter how much I play with BIOS,
> > anytime I power up it says again that Master is C: hard drive. And
> > secondary is D:...another drive. So now, I guess, the BIOS itself
> > goes into panic, as the secondary is a cdrom, other geometry and
> > all, and freezes if I let it continue.
> > 
> > Now, can this be something I screw up by pressing the wrong key while
> > reformatting (NOT repartitioning) or going through LILO steps? What?
> > 
> > And should/can I put things back to normal with some rescue floppy?
> > Which one, and what should I do exactly? So that the hard drive
> > returns to be seen as /dev/hda, and I can restart to install?
> Hey Marco;
>   how are the drive jumpers set?
Nothing changed at that level. I did not mess with anything hardware
in the laptop

> I am building a new system myself and noticed that the hard drive came
> configured as "CS" os cable select.
> Normally it would be "master"
> Try changing your hard drive to "master" and your CD to "slave".
> Are they on the same cable or do they share a cable?

I don't know how they are wired internally, but it worked fine, and I
didn't open it... and trying to change hd to master, cd to slave is
exactly what I'm trying to do from BIOS, and is not accepted. It lets
me set it, then restarts, finds two masters, and goes into total

	Marco F.

Marco Fioretti                 mfioretti, at the server mclink.it
Red Hat for low memory         http://www.rule-project.org/en/

Non ï il concetto di intelligenza extraterrestre a essere difficile da
afferrare. E' il concetto opposto che incontra resistenze. I. Asimov.

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