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Re: Nautilus

Davy Brion wrote:
On Thu, 2004-05-27 at 12:00, Chadley Wilson wrote:

Sorry guys one more.

What has happened to nautilus?
When I open it the are no big buttons, If I dbl click a folder it opens
a new window. and It looks like win95 :-<

as others have mentioned already, this is the new default behaviour of
Nautilus... I hated it at first, but you should really try it out for a
few days, because it really grows on you.  I wouldn't want to use
Nautilus in Browser mode anymore, and from what i've heard/read, a lot
of people are starting to like/love the new nautilus even though most
people hated it at first.

Indeed! I didn't like it too when I first started it, but I start to like it. Even more after changing a few things:

* set left pane to "Tree" view
* Edit -> Preferences -> Views: View new folders using: List View

Now it is much more clearly arranged and one can work with it!


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