5336-Nvidia Driver

HD heterodox at satx.rr.com
Sun May 30 14:17:30 UTC 2004

Jason Kretzer wrote:
> Nvidia has not yet released the driver for FC2.  It will be released 
> shortly.
> Check the archives for the reason why.  You will also find a rather 
> interesting debate going on over it when you do this.
> Enjoy,
> -Jason
> */Chiheb Djabri <ice_on_fire85 at videotron.ca>/* wrote:
>     Hi
>     I'd like to know if somebody had found the appropriate Nvidia Driver
>     For FC2..I found a couple of drivers but i cant installed them
>     correctly. For exemple I took a look at www.minion.de
>     <http://www.minion.de/> and download  the driver and the patch...but
>     It can't be installed...I had tu use "Make install" command but it
>     did not work...Need help here please!!!
>     -- 
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I am preparing to upgrade to FC2 from FC1 and I am currently using the 
  5336-Nvidia Driver with FC1. During the upgrade will it 
automatically revert to the 2d nvidia driver? Or do I need to do 
something before upgrading? I don't mind just using the 2d driver for 
a while since I only occasionally use 3d. But I don't want anything to 
go badly wrong during or after the upgrade to fc2.



Tipping my hat to Fedora.

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