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Gnomemeeting doesn't connect to ils


My router has the same portforwarding settings as it
did before I clean installed FC2. 

But now I can't register to the directory server.  Is
there something new in Gnomemeeting that I am unaware

I have enabled IPAddress translation and H232

When I Check the addressbook, ils.seconix.com reports
my IP as the IPv4 Looback address at port 1720.

One other thing.  When I installef FC2, I turned off
the firewall(kernel-based not router, thats a
different linux machine), I read in the mailing list
that this disables SELinux.  Gnomemeeting didn't work
then, or now when my firewall is enabled. 

A friend of mine just upgraded from FC1 as well, and
he has the same problem. Any Suggestions?


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