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For users of Fedora Core releases


I had some problems with burning iso images on my XP Prof machine using a
Plextor drive and Alcohol 120.  Tom Michell had a few suggestions for me and
you can search the archives to read them in depth.  He explained why the
check sums are not a guarantee that the image is good.  However, I just
slowed the burn speed down and I haven't have any problems since.

As far as Roxio goes, I've never liked it.  It has come free with almost
every CD burner that I have ever owned, but I always end up buying another

If your media is good and slowing down the burn speed doesn't fix the
problem you can down load a free trial copy of a dozen or so other products
and try them out.  The thing about Alcohol that I like is that it doesn't
leave any processes running like Real Player, Acrobat, and Nero when you
shut it down.


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